Tomatoes, BLTs and Kittens!

This week our garden gave us its first ripe tomato which was promptly put into the most delicious BLT we'd ever eaten in our entire lives (unless you count the first one from last summer!).

BLT and Garden Tomato

Earlier in the week, we discovered a sweet young mama cat and her three kittens asleep in the rockers on our front porch. After checking to see if our local SPCA would take them we began putting out food so we could eventually trap them. We loved watching them play and gleefully looked forward to their feeding time. Then on Wednesday morning they trooped right on into the trap we set and off they went to the shelter. I really wanted to keep them or at least one of them, but that would put me squarely in Crazy-Cat-Lady territory so I said a tearful goodbye with the hope they will find loving forever homes soon.

Porch kittens!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

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