Special Easter Centerpiece

Like many of you, we've been home for weeks now, separated from our family and friends except by skype and trying to stay cheerful, busy and positive. With Easter approaching I thought I'd like to try and make it as festive and special as possible even though it's just the two of us this year.

So first things first, what to cook! We opted for comfort food this year with homemade Mac & Cheese (thank you Martha Stewart), deviled eggs and a big hearty salad with fresh berries, nuts and greens. Then I got to work on my centerpiece.

Easter 2020 Centerpiece

I always keep a big galvanized tray on my farm table and change what's on it from season to season. Sometimes it'll be a big antique bell jar filled with found objects and something simple like a favorite candle stand. This Easter I combined both of those ideas and set my favorite vintage candelabra on a grapevine wreath and surrounded it with treasured found objects, tiny art and totems of Spring - frogs, turtles, shells and lambs.

I've always been a collector and some of my centerpiece treasures have been with me since I was a little girl. They all hold meaning and memories for me and they always make me smile. The painted shell was made by my friend Dee Sprague who is one of the most creative artists I've ever known. We sell her work in the shop and have several of her pieces here at home. I am always drawn to her whimsical, fun creatures and her generosity of spirit, which comes through immediately in each every piece she paints. To see more, head on over to her Instagram page.

Happy Easter, Passover and Spring. Take good care of yourself and one another.

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