Cast Iron Sink and Wash Stand

Oh happy day!! I picked this old cast iron farm sink many months ago hoping I'd figure out how to stage it in the shop and to my absolute amazement it is a perfect fit for our old crusty double rinse tub.

As a pair I think they make a great potting station. Singly they're just as fabulous, indoors or out. Oh heart be still...not sure how I'll part with this...

The sink measures approximately 29' wide, 19 deep and the faucet mount area extends about 8.5" above the rim. Drain is intact and condition is excellent. It's cast iron and is heavy, but oh so fabulous! Local pick up only :-) Our brick & mortar shop is located at 414 N. Meadow St in Ithaca, NY.

SOLD Separately the rinse tub is $95 and the sink $185. Together they're $250.

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