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The American Gardener by William Cobbett (1819) Paperback

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The American Gardener by British journalist William Cobbett is considered one of the first classics of American gardening literature. Written in 1819 the work references Cobbett's time spent farming on Long Island, New York. For modern day gardeners, Cobbett's 19th century ideas on self-reliance, family strength through agriculture, and gardening before chemicals and genetic modification are certainly timely - and organic! Full of practical knowledge and advice still useful today on all aspects of gardening, with special attention to those plants successful in the New World, including the artichoke (“indeed, a thistle upon a gigantic scale”) and the potato. Rediscovered 180 years after its composition The American Gardener is a first hand glimpse into the earliest days of American gardens.

    •    Reprinted and published by Applewood Books in Bedford, MA
    •    Reproduced from an 1819 edition
    •    Paperback, 230 pages
    •    Dimensions are 9 x 6”, .6” thick
    •    Made in the US
    •    Applewood Books reprints & publishes books on America’s living past

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The American Gardener by William Cobbett (1819) Paperback
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