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Unique Stainless Steel Honey Spoon

Unique Stainless Steel Honey Spoon

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What we love:
Our stainless steel honey soon is both unique and functional! Its bent-handle design allow it to easily balance on the edge of a jar, cup or teapot to keep things neat and tidy and free of honey drips.

    •    Measures 6.75” long
    •    Dishwasher-safe

PLEASE NOTE: Mugs, jars and other props shown in our photos are not included in the sale of the honey spoon.

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Customer Reviews

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Joy Ott

I purchased one of these spoons to have on hand for when we use/eat honey, which, sadly, isn't as often as we should. One evening my husband brought me a snack I liked, and then a couple minutes later he was carrying a small bowl of tortilla chips and a ramekin filled with salsa. And, balancing on the side of the ramekin was this little spoon. He told me that he was glad I purchased it; He really liked it to eat his favorite snack. Well, since I also like salsa, as soon as I finished my treat, I ordered another "unique" spoon for me!