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  • Cast Iron Ceiling or Wall Hook.

    Cast Iron Wall or Ceiling Hook

    What We Love: This heavy cast iron hook makes quite a statement weather you hang it from a wall or ceiling. Sturdy enough for a coat or towel, they add a great rustic touch to your farmhouse decor.  Details: ...

  • Pendant Lamp Wall Mount Bracket.

    Pendant Lamp Wall Mount Bracket w Sheave Pulley

    What we love:Turn your pendant lamp into an industrial sconce with this stylish bracket and pulley. Especially made to fit our mason jar pendants the pulley comes apart to thread your cord through. Tie a know in the cord and the claw will hold the lamp...

  • Berks County Farmhouse Pendant Lamp

    Berk's County Farmhouse Pendant Lamp

    What we love:This stylish pendant lamp gives a warm glow to any room in your farmhouse! Measures approximately 10" tall and is about 11¾” in diameter. We love the way it looks with a reproduction amber Edison bulb. It has a 15½ foot...

    $74.00 - $84.00
  • Half Gallon Mason Jar Pendant Lamp Pendant Lamp Cord and hanging hardware  (Included)

    Half Gallon Mason Jar Pendant Lamp

    Throughout the late 19th & early 20th century, no farmhouse would kitchen would be without mason jars to preserve the delicious fruits and vegetables grown in the farmhouse garden. Even though most of us don’t can these days, mason jars are...

  • Farmhouse Mason Jar Pendant Lamp with Industrial Cage

    Farmhouse Mason Jar Pendant Lamp with Industrial Cage

    What we love:This pendant light is a fanciful blend of a classic farmhouse mason jar and an industrial caged barn or factory light. A little edgier and urban than its plain mason jar cousin (which we also stock), this pendant swag lamp adds the perfect...

    $62.00 - $72.00
  • Shabby Wire Pendant Lamp Detail of Shabby Wire Pendant Light

    Farmhouse Shabby Wire Pendant Lamp

    What we love:This stylish pendant swag lamp is the perfect blend of rustic and elegant! The frame is constructed of wire with graceful lengths of chain attached at the top and bottom rim. Painted in a creamy white and distressed to give it a vintage look...

    $68.00 - $78.00