Gifts for the Homebody

Put on the kettle, light a candle and settle in!

  • Nap First Play Later Block Sign

    What we love:Get your priorities straight! Nap first, play later!Details:This fun wooden block sign measures 5x5" and is 1" deep.Ready to hang from a keyhole in the back.Features a sleep pup lounging in his favorite comfy chair. Artwork by Dan DiPaolo in...

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  • Hand-made Fine Porcelain Mug GRATITUDE

    What we love:Pour yourself a nice cozy mug of gratitude every morning! This beautiful hand-made porcelain mug is soon to become your all time favorite. Details:Measures just over 4” tall and is 3.75” in diameter across the top rim. Capacity...

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  • Hand-Made NEST Banner

    This beautiful hand-made NEST banner will add a sweet touch on the wall, in a window or over your bed. Each flag measures 8x10" and has a length of twin running through a pocket at the top so you can tie them together in a length that suits you...

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  • Be Authentic Wooden Box Sign

    What we love: Authenticity. We strive for it every day. We love the sweet rose pattern and the gray and white gingham painted on the edge of the frame of this petite solid wood box sign. Details:    * Measures 3x3"    * Hangs from...

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    Grab your favorite read, settle in with a cup of tea and place this plaque by your side! Our wooden "GO AWAY I'M READING" box sign measures 7x4" and is 1.75" deep. Set it on a table top or your favorite bookshelf. It's lightweight and will also hang on...

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  • WELCOME HOME - Wooden Wall Plaque

    WELCOME HOME - Wooden Wall Plaque

    WELCOME HOME Handmade in the US, this sweet plaque measures 18" square and is about 7/8" deep. Ready to hang from an attached wire on the back. Frame is permanently affixed. Crafted from new and reclaimed wood. Great farmhouse look with lightly...

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