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Autumn Florals

Celebrate the Fall with our Autumn Farmhouse Florals! Wreaths, garlands, and sprays all ready to decorate your home with Autumn warmth and splendor!

  • Autumn Harvest Cranberries Candle Ring or Wreath

    Autumn Harvest Cranberries Candle Ring or Wreath

    What we love:There is nothing like the sumptuous colors of Fall in the NE and our cranberries candle ring or wreath captures that perfect russet, rosy orange we love so much!Details:Interior diameter is approximately 7" and the ring will tease out to a...

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  • Set of Six Mini "Forever" Pumpkins

    What we love:We love decorating with mini-pumpkins and gourds in early September but by Halloween they're moldy and starting to rot. Fortunately there's a solution - these fabulous "Forever" pumpkins! They're so realistic you'll have trouble telling real...

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  • Autumn Smilax Garland 6'

    What we love:Autumn is our favorite season here in the Finger Lakes!Our Autumn Smilax garland is lush and realistic and is so supple you can display it almost any way with ease. Made from plastic with a subtle velvety finish on the leaves in a lovely...

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  • Set of Three 13" Autumn Berry Bush Sprays in Yellow & Tan

    Set of Three 13" Autumn Berry Bush Sprays in Yellow & Tan

    What we love:We love the rich tones in these berry bush sprays and the natural touch they add to our decor!Details:The set includes three 13" long berry bush sprays. The color palette includes yellow and tan with brown highlights.These sprays are made...

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  • 12" Smilax Candle Ring or Wreath

    What we love:Smilax leaves are willowy and delicate, and they look great on the wall as a wreath or on a centerpiece as a candle ring.Details:If you use this as a candle ring a 6" diameter pillar will fit perfectly!The frame is made of natural twig vine...

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