Announcing Our New Kitchen Collection!

Feb 8th 2019

For a few days this week I really thought that old ground hog might’ve been telling us the truth about an early Spring bu
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Boxes, Boxes and MORE Boxes!

Jan 29th 2019

Valentine's Day is coming up soon! Here are three of our favorite gifts for your sweetie this year!Orders from our recent b
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Your Marmalade Favorites are Back in Stock!

Oct 17th 2018

Embossed Hen and Rooster, Metal Shelf with Towel Bar, Love You to the Moon and Back, Enameled Toilet Sign, Sweet Shabby Rabbi
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Plenty of Summer Left!

Jul 27th 2018

On this beautiful Summer day we walked on over to the Ithaca Farmers Market and to shoot our favorite Summer items! It's
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New in February!

Feb 27th 2018

It's been like Christmas in February here at Marmalade with packages to open nearly every day and lots of vintage items to br
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