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A Garden of Herbs by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde (1922) Paperback

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A Garden of Herbs was written by Eleanour Rohde and originally published in 1922. Eleanour Rohde was a well-known gardener and garden historian with a passion for herbs and herb gardens. In this book, she provides readers with a complete yet concise, guide to herbs--from creating an herb garden to using the herbs in various recipes including teas, syrups, conserves, pies, wines, waters, and perfumes. You’ll find illustrations of historic herbal knot gardens, the volume also contains interesting bits of herbal lore from throughout the ages. and information on using herbs in various recipes. The work concludes with a chronological listing of key herbal texts from the fifteenth through the twentieth century.

    •    Reprinted and published by Applewood Books in Bedford, MA
    •    Paperback with a photographic image of an old copy of the book on the cover
    •    232 pages, 10 chapters + preface
    •    Dimensions are 9 x 6”, .6” thick
    •    Made in the US

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